Could there be One Tool to Improve Hiring Efficiency?

As businesses grow, so does their operational base and this often means the inclusion of multiple demographics, cultures and languages. Once a business goes international, and starts functioning across geographies, it becomes vital to use the available resources as prudently as possible.

One of the biggest expenditures of a business’ resources is the hiring. And as it grows so will the recruitment expenditure. It is here that it is crucial to save as much time and manual effort as possible, while maintaining, or in fact steadily increasing the quality level of the recruitment in question.

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The three top challenges that any business expanding into a new geography are:

1. Knowing where to start.  “They often don’t know the right questions to get the answers they need”, says one member of the LinkedIn Forum for International Expansion. No two countries operate the same way, so this learning curve happens with every new demographic explored. AI can be absolutely vital in these situations to cut down on the possible (and in some cases inevitable) losses. AI such as Sniper can help power through this learning curve with much greater efficiency that what purely manual effort would yield.

2. “The important team is important to succeed when expanding internationally”, said another member of the Forum. Finding the right experts on the ground, whether for accounting, legal, or other support, is key to success.* With an AI tool such as SniperAI, this can be made a lot easier and efficient a task than it usually is, and without, it may be said, are in fact what gave birth to the need for tools like Sniper AI.

3. “We have a tendency to believe that globalisation means one size fits all… not so”, says another Forum member. Standardizing products and approach globally could be one of the biggest errors a company makes when trying to operate overseas.* For a machine learning tool like Sniper, which gets ‘smarter’ so to speak, with every round of application, it is in fact a lot quicker, and more fool-proof process.

It would obviously be unrealistic to involve more people to the recruitment team as the business grows, for that can obviously only be done till an extent. Beyond this extent, one either discovers ones’ recruitment team to have grown too big to still be a prudent mode of operation, or one discovers alternate solutions.

Thanks to the age we live in, this alternate solution comes in the form of Artificial Intelligence. Wisely employing tools based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can help business immensely, and pave the way for smooth and steady growth across different regions.

For example, when a business encounters a new region which speaks a different language, it can either hire a team of locals to add to its existing recruiters, and take the operation forward from there. This is bound to present innumerable barriers to the process brought on by cultural and linguistic differences, at least in the initial stages, which may, and most likely will result in tremendous losses. Using Artificial Intelligence this situation can be bypassed without any severe hiccups in the process, since it successfully eliminates factors such as linguistic or cultural disconnects between two teams of different origin.


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